Theme Milonga

Milonga + Special Theme

Just another excuse to get dancers together and have some fun, with an unbeatable recession price ;o). We try to come up with a new theme every couple of months. Feel free to suggest possible themes for future events. The music follows the theme.

Tuesday 10/31/23  Milonga- Bal des Vampires

You know that if Dracula danced it would be tango. Close embrace brings you so much closer to the neck ... ;o)

Celebrate the ultimate union of seduction and drama: vampires and tango. Live the fantasy for one evening- dark, mesmerizing and dangerous. Not be mention all the killer vampire themed music that we will be mixing in among the classical tango.

Wear black, red, fangs, a cape or anything vampire related (zombie, monster or other Hallowe'en related good too) ...  to help get into the spirit.