Special Workshop with Brigitta Winkler

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

About Brigitta:

Coming from ballet and modern, Brigitta started Argentine tango in 1982, and was one of the first wave of young dancers to study with the great maestros in BA (Todara, Copes, Pepito etc), and reintroduce tango to the rest of the world. She has been dancing in milongas and in the streets ever since, and understands the essence as an improvised partner dance. She is also an experienced performer, and one of the founding members of the all women Tango Mujers.

Her dance background has given Brigitta a deep understanding of movement and connection. She is an accomplished lead and follow, and focuses on both roles. Her goal is to demonstrate how to make your dancing better for both you and your partner.

Brigitta's Approach:

Brigitta has taught all over the world, both dancers and teachers. She has founded multiple schools in Berlin, and currently splits her  time between Berlin and New York. Brigitta is a tango legend for being one of the first to integrate body awareness and body work into her teaching style.  Her focus is on connection, and how even the smallest movements together can be profound..

The Workshop:

7:30-9:00   The Universal Theory of Turns and Spins

* Multiple Levels: the workshop will be designed to be appropriate for dancers of all levels.

What is the difference between turns and spins? How do you seamlessly move between them? Brigitta will push you to the next level, and develop transitions that will change the way that you dance.

Class size will be limited; so, early registration is recommended. Email, or come by Tuesday Night Tango to register. Registration in Tuesday Night Tango March series includes Brigitta's workshop.

Early registration (payment by 3/24)      *Contact

$20  (students $18)


$25  (students $20)


The workshops will be at the regular TNTango location: 

Congregation Etz Chayim

(in the Ballroom)

4161 Alma St, Palo Alto                Directions

Bonus Advanced Workshop:

When we have a visiting instructor, we like to arrange a workshop for a small group (<20) of experienced local dancers. Our goal is to work on the fundamentals at a higher level, and to encourage discussions. You are welcome to stay with a partner or rotate around as you prefer. 

6:00-7:15   Changing Axes in Turns

Where is the center of the turn: lead, follow, or shared? How can changing the center during a turn result in very different dynamics and movement? We'll be working on all the details that make it look relaxed, smooth and effortless. 

Please contact me if you are interested. $20 per person.

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