January 2010

First Baptist Church (in the Fellowship Hall)

305 N California Ave (X Bryant)
Palo Alto, CA

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Argentine Tango

 Argentine Tango was born in the late 1800's in Buenos Aires, and has been changing and evolving ever since. It is a beautiful dance form that provides endless opportunity for improvisation and playfulness.

January Series (1/5-1/26 2010): Close Embrace        

Progressive series with Leslie Gordon
Everyone will learn to lead and follow.

Tango can be danced in open or close embrace (chest to chest), or a combination of the two. This January, we will be fighting the cold with close embrace.

7:00-8:00  Fundamentals- Introduction to Close Embrace:

Have you always wanted to try tango, but never had  the time, or maybe you have some experience, but would like to try the other role, or just work on the fundamentals to help your more advanced mores? This class will work on those tango fundamentals, teaching you how to survive on the dance floor and have fun doing it.

We will be working on the chest to chest connection, and walking and ochos in close embrace.

8:00-9:00  Fundamentals- Practica
Stay for the practice led by some of the advanced students. We will review the material from the first class, and other tango basics.

8:00-9:00  Intermediate+- Close Embrace Turns with Sacadas:

So you know the close embrace, and dance it often at milongas, but find it difficult to maintain especially in turns. Fear not, everyone struggles with turns. We will clean up the turns in close embrace, learn how they differ from open embrace, and progress to sacadas (displacements) which developed as a way to turn on very crowded floors.

 **Next series starts February 2 2010

    Fundamentals- Ochos    Intermediate- Stepping between your partner's legs**

9:00-11:00        -get your fix of alternative and classical music
                            -various DJ's
                            -large wooden floor to try your biggest
                             and wildest moves!

**Next Freelonga - February 16: Mardi Gras**

Cost:      series (4 classes)- $32  ; students $24 
               drop-in before 9 (for 1 or both classes)- $10; students $8
               drop-in after 9- $3; students $2 


***Special Workshops with Daniel Trenner Saturday, January 23***


             1/5/10    New Series Starts - Close Embrace  DJ: Leslie 

             1/12        DJ- Leslie

             1/19        DJ- Leslie

             1/23        Special Saturday Workshops with Daniel Trenner 

             1/26        DJ- Leslie

             2/2        New Series Starts: Fundamentals- Ochos; Intermediate- Stepping between yout partner's legs                          -DJ: Gordo


             2/16      Freelonga- Mardi Gras   DJ : Leslie

             2/23      DJ: Tolga

             3/2        New Series Starts -Fundamentals- Turns; Intermediate- Interrupting Turns