Special Workshops with Daniel Trenner

Saturday, January 23

About Daniel:

Daniel started dancing tango in 1986, and has been instrumental in introducing tango and making it accessible to communities in the USA, and around the world. He was one of the first group of new young people to be involved in tango's revival. He was able to dance with many of the great past masters and to record of them on video (Bridge to the Tango). 

Daniel came into tango as a professional dancer, with a Masters in Dance, making him uniquely suited to understanding the elements of tango and developing teaching techniques to effectively train the fundamentals.

His workshops are simply a lot of fun. They are filled with history and stories, and his approach gives new insight into the entire dance.  He is an expert at creating games which trick the students into mastering new skills, without ever being aware that they're working.

Daniel returned to San Francisco last spring for the first time in a number of years. It was the first time that he had been back to teach in the South Bay since the last Stanford Tango Week in 1997. Daniel will be teaching a number of drop in classes while he is in SF this visit, but this will be the only series of workshops that he will be teaching. This is a great opportunity to experience one of the most influential teachers of the last 20 years.

Daniel's Approach:

Traditionally, only men attended class. They learned both roles. They learned quickly, and they learned well. Daniel opens class to all dancers, but each dancer is challenged to learn both roles simultaneously. In doing so we will be making visible the complimentary nature of tango's roles that was, traditionally, invisible. This rewarding way to study is also very demanding of dancers’ kinesthetic attention. Be prepared to work hard. Bring your flat shoes.

The Workshops:

1:00-2:30   Follower and Leader’s Default Vocabularies   
* Advanced beginner Level (Experienced dancers are encouraged to attend. This is the hardest work.)
How to create effortless tango dancing through enacting the complimentary responsibilities of each partner in the duet. And how to deal with the more rudimentary and brutal efforts you will find "in the wild", or on the social dance floor.

2:45-4:15   The Action of a Whip
* Intermediate Level. For experienced tango dancers (i.e. at least one year of obsession, or regular attendance in intermediate classes) only.
Follower's techniques for open and closed embrace, to uncover the power of boleos from ochos, and managing these ideas and changes as leaders.

4:30-6:00   Telepathic Lead and Follow
* Intermediate Plus Level. For experienced tango dancers (i.e. at least one year of obsession, or regular attendance in intermediate classes) only.
Getting your partner to believe that they are doing exactly what they want to do, as they do exactly what you want them to do. We will look at both the leader's and follower's versions of this territory.

Class size will be limited; so, early registration is recommended. Email leslie@tntango.com, or come by Tuesday Night Tango to register.

Early registration (payment by 1/20)   
                                              1 class $20, 2 classes $40, 3 classes $50   
                                                 (students $16, $32, $40)
                           Drop-in     1 class $25, 2 classes $45, 3 classes $55    
                                                 (students $20, $40, $50)

The workshops will be at the regular TNTango location: 
First Baptist Church
(in the Fellowship Hall)
305 North California Ave, Palo Alto                Directions

Daniel has a limited number of slots for privates. Please contact him at 413-522-2225 to schedule a private.

Other Events in SF during Daniel's January 2010 visit:

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1/20 Wednesday at Cellspace... Intermediate class... Homer   Dolfdude@sbcglobal.net

1/22 Friday with the Blues Group-- Mihai     mihai@beyondblues.com
1/24 Sunday with the Blues Group-- Mihai  beyondblues.com/fnb/

1/25 Monday at La Pista... Classes and Video Showing- Tom and Mila

Daniel's Homepage

Daniel with Ann Marie Duquette of Montreal 1999     

With Carmencita Calderon, the last partner of El Catchafaz(who died in 1937), at age 93 in Buenos Aires, 1996

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