Tuesday Night Tango in Palo Alto

First Baptist Church (in the Fellowship Hall)

305 N California Ave (X Bryant)
Palo Alto, CA

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Argentine Tango

 Argentine Tango was born in the late 1800's in Buenos Aires, and has been changing and evolving ever since. It is a beautiful dance form that provides endless opportunity for improvisation and playfulness.

March Series (3/4-3/25 2014):  Feet and Turns
Progressive series with Leslie Gordon
Everyone will learn to lead and follow.

7:00-8:00  Fundamentals-  Playing with the Feet 101:

One of the key things that makes tango special. Get comfortable playing with your own feet and your partner's: rhythm, touching and sandwiches. This series is ideal for new dancers (bring your friends), or experienced dancers working on fundamentals, or the other role.

8:00-9:00  Fundamentals- Practica

Stay for the practice led by some of the advanced students. We will review the material from the first class, and other tango basics.

8:00-9:00  Intermediate+ - Mastering Turns:

Improve your technique and expand your repertoire. We'll fine tune the basics and introduce the full range of tango turns beyond molinetes: walking, chains and spins, developing powerful turning techniques for both leads and follows

What is my dance level?

*** March 18 Post St Paddy's Day  FreeLonga***

**April Series starts 4/1/14    Topics: Turns and Colgadas


9:00-11:00   -get your fix of alternative and classical music
                       -various DJ's
                       -large wooden floor to try your biggest
                         and wildest moves!

Cost:     Mar series (4 classes)- $32 ; students $24    
                drop-in before 9 (for 1 or both classes)- $10; students $8
                drop-in after 9- $3; students $2  

            ** Always free after 10 pm **


             2/25          DJ: 
New Series starts:  Feet and Turns    
DJ:  Leslie

             3/11          DJ:

             3/18          Post St Paddy's Day Freelonga  DJ:  Leslie
             3/25          DJ:  

New Series starts:  Turns and Colgadas    

             4/8            DJ:
             4/15          DJ: 

             4/23          DJ: