Special Workshop with Luciana Valle

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

About Luciana:

Luciana is regarded around the world as one of the most dynamic and articulate teachers working in tango today. She has trained a number of today's most successful dancers and teachers, and continues to inspire dancers with remarkable insight, energy and clarity.

Luciana has not only danced with many of the best leaders in the world, she is also a great leader herself. Her teaching is superb. In fluent English, she can communicate and demonstrate how to make your dancing better for both leaders and followers.

Luciana's Approach:

Luciana has taught all over the world. Her school, Tango Motivo, is one of the most popular and influential in Buenos Aires. Her approach to learning tango is improvisational, and includes a strong emphasis on technique for followers. She is fun and exuberant, and her workshops consistently sell out.

The Workshop:

7:30-9:00   Power and Dynamics
* Multiple Levels: the workshop will be designed to be appropriate for dancers of all levels.
Controlling energy is the key to tango. Luciana will develop free versus standing leg techniques, showing how to liberate and truly dance with the free leg as an extension of your connection and energy. This is the necessary element to lead and receive wonderful barridas and boleos.

Class size will be limited; so, early registration is recommended. Email leslie@tntango.com, or come by Tuesday Night Tango to register. Registration in Tuesday Night Tango September series includes Luciana's workshop.

Early registration (payment by 9/13)      *Contact leslie@tntango.com
$20  (students $15)
$25  (students $20)
The workshops will be at the regular TNTango location: 
First Baptist Church
(in the Fellowship Hall)
305 North California Ave, Palo Alto                Directions


Luciana with Alex Krebs