Tuesday Night Tango in Palo Alto
First Baptist Church (in the Fellowship Hall)

305 N California Ave (X Bryant)
Palo Alto, CA

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Argentine Tango

 Argentine Tango was born in the late 1800's in Buenos Aires, and has been changing and evolving ever since. It is a beautiful dance form that provides endless opportunity for improvisation and playfulness.

July-August Series (7/5 - 8/30 2011): Summer Intensivo     

Progressive series with Leslie Gordon
Everyone will learn to lead and follow.

Traditionally, we run an intensivo for intermediate+ students in the summer to really understand and master a type of movement. This year we will include an intensivo for the beginner as well as the intermediate students. The beginner hour will also serve as a warm up for the second class.

7:00-8:00  Fundamentals Intensivo- Tango 101:

In two months we will cover all the tango basics: walking, ochos, turns and the cross. Our goal is to show you how much fun tango is and get you ready to go out dancing. This series is ideal for new dancers, or experienced dancers wanting to review the basics.

8:00-9:00  Fundamentals- Practica

Stay for the practice led by some of the advanced students. We will review the material from the first class, and othe tango basics.

8:00-9:00  Intermediate+ Intensivo- Exploring Axes

Fine control of axis is the sign of an experienced dancer. We will learn to play with axis in the social dance, using hangs and leans to create lovely suspensions and to control the follow's free leg. In August we will develop the off-axis spins and turns.

What is my dance level?

**Next series starts September 6

    Topics:       TBA**


9:00-11:00        -get your fix of alternative and classical music
                            -various DJ's
                            -large wooden floor to try your biggest
                             and wildest moves!

Cost:      series (8 classes)- $64  ; students $48 
               drop-in before 9 (for 1 or both classes)- $10; students $8
               drop-in after 9- $3; students $2  

            ** Always free after 10 pm **


             7/5          New series starts: Summer Intensivo    DJ: 

             7/12        DJ:

             7/19        DJ:

             7/26        DJ:

              8/2         DJ:

              8/9         DJ:

              8/16       DJ:

              8/23        DJ:

              8/30        DJ:

              9/4          New series starts: tpoic TBA